Click to enlargepad7-Pin for S-Video & Digital Audio

Our 7-pin adapter allows you to connect standard 4-pin s-video cables and Digital Audio (S/PDIF) to your Dell Inspiron 8XXX or Dell Inspiron 600m laptop.

Please check the specs on your laptop to see if your Dell laptop can output S/PDIF. Some Dells, such as the Inspiron 1100 or Inspiron 5100 have a 7-pin jack but do not output S/PDIF.

This adapter features a 7-pin connector on one end and a 4-pin s-video receptacle on the other end, along with an RCA jack for S/PDIF and another for composite video.

This adapter can also be used with any laptop that has a 7-pin receptacle and you need to output to s-video or composite video; some non-Dell laptops will not be able to support the digital audio output.

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7-Pin for S-Video and Digital Audio
7-PIN 8100padUS$19.95pad

Dell Inspiron 8XXX "S-Video TV Out" adapter
padDell Inspiron 8XXX "S-Video TV Out" adapter
Dell Inspiron 8XXX "S-Video TV Out" adapter

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