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Get the best deal on a High Definition Component Video Selector by Victor Company of Japan (JVC).

Our selector supports up to 1080i (HDTV) resolution. Read details below and see our related products.

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Component Video Selector
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Details and Features: So you've got a GameCube, X-Box, Playstation, Nintendo64, DVD, Satellite Receiver and VCR and you want to connect them all to your HDTV with out spending another 800.00 for an AV receiver? Our Component Video Selector will do the trick.

Our "Victor 521" (also known as JX-S111) switch is #1 on Google and is featured on TechTV's Screen Savers as the most affordable Component Video Switch.

Our Component Video & Audio switcher is a high bandwidth device providing three inputs for component video sources; two inputs for s-video; 2 inputs for composite video; and 10 inputs for stereo audio. It features an easy push-button interface and comes in a professional case - no need to rack-mount or drill any holes. It features 30 MHz video frequency response (vfr) for component video; other similar selectors just have a 10 MHz vfr.

This selector box is a key item to have if you want to enjoy multiple component video and audio sources to an HDTV with a single component video input. There's no need to spend hundreds of dollars more on an HDTV with two component inputs or an expensive AV Receiver. This selector does not require power.


- Professional quality with limited warranty by Victor Company of Japan (JVC).

- All inputs and outputs are color coded

- Selection buttons on the front for easy switching

- Three Component video inputs in the rear going to one component video output in the rear.

- Two Composite video inputs (one in rear and one in front) going to one Composite video output in the rear.

- Two S-Video inputs (one in rear and one in front) going to one S-Video output in the rear.

- Five Stereo Audio inputs (one in front and 4 in the back) going to one Stereo Audio output in the rear.

- Video frequency response: 10 MHz for composite video

- Video frequency response: 30 MHz for component video. It's HDTV compatible!

- Audio frequency response: 0 Hz to 100 kHz

- Dimensions: 14 11/64" x 2 5/32" x 8 11/64"

- Net Weight - 3.5 lbs.

- Shipping weight: 4.6 lbs.


- Anytime you want to have multiple A/V inputs, such as Component Video, S-Video, Composite Video and stereo audio going to your HDTV or Regular TV.

- Connect your X-Box and component video DVD or other component sources to your HDTV.

- You can also use the composite video input (yellow RCA jack) to switch S/PDIF Digital Audio using digital coax cables. When you use the yellow RCA jacks to switch digital audio you do not connect the yellow RCA output to your TVs composite video input.

This selector allows you to select between the different inputs - its does not, for instance, convert one input type to another, such as S-Video to Component Video.

For optimum results, choose our Japanese S-Video Cables and Component Video Cables - do not be taken by the hype of monster cables and other cable companies that mass produce their stuff in China.

If you'd also like to switch digital audio with Toslink connectors then get our 3-to-1 Digital Audio selector with Toslink jacks below.

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