RF Coax to 3 RCA

Our Demodulator package allows you to take the RF Antenna TV signal and "demodulate" it to an audio and video signal on RCA connectors. It is sort of like an "RF Modulator" but it works in the opposite direction, taking an RF signal and converting it to an analog audio and composite video signal.


- Supports 181 channels with fine tuning function.

- Auto-scan & memory function.

- Infrared remote control.

- Sleep timer function.

- Brightness/contrast/saturation/color/video position adjustment functions.

- Volume and mute function.

- Stereo Audio output.

- Power saving mode.


- one RF Coaxial Antenna TV signal input on a threaded "F" connector.

- one composite video signal output on a yellow RCA connector.

- one 3.5mm audio jack to output the audio. We include a 6 ft. 3.5mm plug to two RCA plugs to connect to your audio destination.

- One power supply.

Dimensions: 6 3/4" X 4" X 1"

Note, this unit is only for NTSC video format and we do not ship it outside of the USA.

Availability: Discontinued. The order button has been turned off.

RF Coax to 3 RCA
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