Click to enlargepadDVI to HDMI Cable, 6 ft. (Special Price)

DVI to HDMI Cable, 6 ft. Our Time-Tested-Labs (TTL) brand cables have a patented design that reduces EFI-EMI interference.

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Lowest price on the net...just do a search on Google for "hdmi dvi cable" and sort it from low to highest!

Stay away from cables with fancy names and scary prices from companies that claim alternative physics just to send a signal from one end to the other. Unless, of course, you want to look like The Naked Emperor.

Note: Gold plating adds nothing to the performance of the cable, it's just a 2 cent job to dupe the retail customer and to charge from 20 to 100 dollars more.

This is a bi-directional DVI to HDMI Cable for interconnecting DVI and HDMI devices. Please remember that DVI does not pass audio so you will have to route your audio separately when using a DVI to HDMI adapter or cable.

No sales to resellers, retailers, etailers or distributors. Large quantity discounts only available to OEM customers.

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DVI to HDMI Cable, 10 ft. (Special Price)
padDVI to HDMI Cable, 10 ft. (Special Price)
DVI-HDMI-10FTpadTell a Friend Price $69.00padTell a Friend Sale Price $19.95pad
DVI to HDMI Adapter
padDVI to HDMI Adapter
DVI-HDMI ADAPTERpadTell a Friend Price $39.00padTell a Friend Sale Price $34.95pad
HDMI Products
padHDMI Products

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