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We offer complete security solutions for local or remote video monitoring and recording. We also provide secure video webhosting and offer equipment rental plans.

Our Network Video Security Software allows you to view, record and playback up to 16 video streams on a regular PC. With our Video Server you can connect analog video cameras to monitor and record locally or over the internet. The software can also fetch images from many webcams or IP addressable cameras, such as the current images below.

To download the 30-day free-trial software CLICK HERE. You'll need Windows 2000 or XP. Please scroll down for details about the software and other security products. To order, just click on the order button.

Please note that if you're on a dial-up connection it may take a little time to see the 12 webcams below. If you only see X's instead of images, you'll need to install Java, available free here. The samples are for illustrative purposes only, see details below. A fast internet connection will help!

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Click on webcam to see short video Click on picture to see streaming video of helicopter pads in Maui. Camera 07 Camera 08
Maroochy Beach Australia Helipad in Maui Hawaii Bourbon St. New Orleans Newport Harbor California
Camera 09 Camera 10 Camera 11 Camera 12
Parking Lot Camera Construction Site Camera Camera 11 Misc. Camera
Camera 13 Camera 14 Camera 15 Camera 16
Camera 13 Camera 14 Camera 15 Camera 16

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Our Network Video Recording (NVR) software allows you to use a PC running Windows 2000 or XP to view, record, and playback images from local or remote IP cameras (such as our NetCams, Axis IP Cameras or from analog cameras connected to our Video/Web Server.

It can also fetch images from many other IP addressable cameras and webcams. This features allows you to record webcams for monitoring and entertainment. For instance, record up to 16 of your favorite webcams simultaneously instead of just staring at a webcam waiting till it refreshes!

Click on the Australia NetCam to see a short time-lapsed movie created from the recorded images. Windows Media Player 7.0 or higher is required. Click on the Hawaii NetCam to see the Helicopter pads in Maui. Please note that movies are for illustration purposes and some quality is lost due to the encoding process. With our software you can playback the images without the loss in quality.

Our NVR software has all the features you would expect from a professional-grade network video recording software plus it is very user friendly and it's the only software that allows simultaneous playback of up to 16 cameras from the same application.

To download the 30-day free-trial software CLICK HERE. You'll need Windows 2000 or XP. It takes about 2 minutes to download the software using a broadband internet connection. Once you download the fully-functional software email us and we will provide you access to our video server so that you can start using the software with our cameras. If you have your own IP addressable cameras, we can assist you in adding your cameras to the software. Our email is

Digital Hard Drive Recording.

You no longer need to rely on a VCR for security recording and you do not need to purchase a separate and expensive Digital Video Recorder. All our cameras and video servers are compatible with our software and the images are saved to your PC's hard drive.

Our software is also compatible with many IP addressable cameras!

You can record to a local PC or access the cameras through the internet and record to a PC from anywhere in the world.

Advantages of hard drive recording:

- Instant search and playback of video.

- Old recordings are automatically deleted if hard disk becomes full.

- Using motion detection mode, months of video can be stored on a typical hard disk.

- Export to AVI video for CD-ROM archiving.

- Playback video forward or backward from one frame to up to 1000x normal speed.

- Record and play back up to 16 cameras at the same time

Simple yet powerful

We have designed the DVR with both the novice and expert user in mind. Advanced security features such as motion detection and movie export are built-in and require no complicated setup menus to configure.

With our DVR Software you can:

- Easily record and playback video from our network cameras and video servers.

- Set up all advanced features from a handful of simple intuitive menus

Why record an empty room?

Sophisticated motion detection is built in to our DVR software. This means you can store significantly more video on your hard disk, but more importantly you don't waste time on watching the playback of an empty room. Only motion-detected frames are stored.

Advantages of motion detection:

- Only video or images that matter are stored

- Significantly less hard disk space is used

- Save 150 times more data than as non-motion mode

Across the Board Compatiblity

Our DVR Software can be used to view, record and play back video or images from the entire line of 6X™ Video/Web servers and NetCam™ network cameras. Record up to 1280x960 resolution with our NetCam Megapixel. In addition, our software can be used with other IP-addressable cameras.

No expensive DVR hardware to buy.

You do not need to buy a separate "Digital Video Recorder" (DVR), just use your computer's hard drive to record the images.


- Professional security software for the viewing, recording and playback of our cameras and video server.

- One button set up.

- Simple to use, no complicated menus.

- Up to sixteen cameras can be viewed, recorded and played back at one time.

- View one or sixteen cameras at the same time.

- Camera database supports 1000 cameras.

- All functionality in one application. Our competitor's solution requires two or more programs that can't be run simultaneously.

- Record local and remote cameras and video servers.

- Advanced motion detection with selectable zones and sensitivity.

- Record all frames or only those with motion.

- Automatic hard disk and video database management.

- Export AVI movies and JPEG images.

- Simultaneous playback of up to sixteen cameras (competition offers only single camera playback).

- Record months of video with a standard hard drive.

- Search playback video by date/time.

- Selectable playback speed up to 1000x for extra fast playback.

- Compatible with NetCam, NetCam MP, 6X Video/Web Server and WinCam.Live and IP-addressable cameras.

- Windows 2000 or XP recommended.

Minimum System Requirements:

- Pentium 3 PC

- Windows 2000 or XP

- 128MB DRAM

- 20 GB Hard Drive

- 10MB Ethernet Card

- Video card with minimum 1024 x 768 16-bit Color