How to Order

We prefer that you order online through our secure server. If you do not want to send your credit card information over the internet, you can place the order on-line and select as the payment method "Telephone - call us after placing order". If you select this as your payment method please call us Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Denver Time (MST) with your order number and your credit card number.

We accept Cash and Money Orders; VISA; MasterCard; Discover; American Express; PayPal; phone orders; and purchase orders. Purchase Orders are accepted from schools, government and corporations; select "Purchase Order" as the "Payment Method" when entering this type of order on-line. Make sure you provide us with your Purchase Order number.

You can also FAX your order if you are in the USA or Canada to FAX: 1 (800) 851-1377

You will be taken to our secure server after you click on the "Add to Cart" and then the "Check-out" button.

Select the item you want to purchase by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button. After clicking on the "Add to Cart" button a new page will open that will have the following information: Item, Quantity, Unit Price, Quantiy and Subtotal. The default "Quantity" is one (1) - if you want to order more than one, change the quantiy and then click on the "Update Quantity" button.

To order more items, click on the "Keep Shopping" button or page back. The "Keep Shopping" button will take you to the front page of our store.

After you have completed your shopping spree click on the "Check Out" button to be taken to the Secure Server.

To move around the Order Screen of the secure server you need to select the box you want to input information or use the "Tab" button on your keyboard.

1. Review your order.

2. "Coupon Code". We currently do not have any "coupons" - skip this step.

3. Enter your "Shipping Address". Use the "Tab" button to move around.

3.1 Note: Get all your products delivered faster in the USA by providing your "Zip+4 Code" - look it up at the Zip+4 Code look-up website and then click "back" to return to this site.

4. Select your shipping method. You can select a method by clicking on the arrow button to open a drop-down window. Click on Shipping Options for details. Also, on the second screen of the order form you can see the shipping charges for the shipping method you selected.

After reviewing the information you have entered, click on "Continue" to go into the second screen of the secure order form. The second screen allows you to:

1. Review your order again - note that the "Subtotal" column will have the Shipping costs added and also the sales tax (for orders shipping to Wyoming only). The shipping costs calculated are based on the weight of the item and the published rates by the USPS and UPS. If you want to see what a different rate will cost you then click on the "back" button of your browser and select a different shipping method.

2. Choose a Payment Method. You need to click on the "arrow button" on the "Payment Method" box to select your payment method. If you are paying with a credit card, enter your credit card number and select the month and year of expiration. Make sure that the expiration date that you enter is correct. If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, the expiration date may change if you have not hit the "tab" button after entering the date.

We verify the validity of your credit card immediately but will only process the charge upon shipment.

3. Choose the billing address. This should be the billing address where you receive your credit card statements if you are making your payment with a credit card. Orders with an incorrect billing address are not processed.

4. Enter your email address and select the box next to "Your opinion counts" to receive an email to rate us. An email will be sent within two weeks for you to rate our service.

Review your order before clicking on the "Place Order" button. After placing your order you will get a confirmation email that your order has been received.

Purchases made with credit cards will appear on your credit card statement under the name of "VIDEOWARE, RIVERTON, WY".

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