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Recorder and Player

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MPEG 4 Recorder
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One pass Video-to-MPEG recorder. Copy video to MPEG on a memory card as you are viewing the video; copy it to your hard drive; play it using Windows Media Player; do it again! You will find that it is so easy to copy videos to MPEG that you will want to create your own digital library of all of your videos.

- Convert your videos to MPEG 4 Digital Videos.

- Copy your videos (camcorder, VHS,DVDs, etc.) to Compact Flash or SD Cards and then save them on your computer. No decoding or de-macro takes the video (such as from a DVD) and on one pass converts it to MPEG 4. Ok, you should not copy material that is copyrighted, etc. etc. The amount of video that you can save will depend on the size of the flash card...but you can make different "chapters" of long DVDs using inexpensive 256k or 512k compact flash cards. A typical 512k compact flash card saves about 40 minutes of video on "super fine" setting and about an 60 minutes on "fine" setting. We use a 1.0 GB SD card that can record one hour and 27 minutes on the "super fine" setting; one hour 56 minutes on the "fine" setting; three hours and 53 minutes on the "normal" setting; and five hours and 51 minutes on the "economic" setting. The "normal" setting is excellent for DVD recording.

With the MPEG 4 Recorder you record your videos on Compact Flash or SD Cards from your video sources, such as camcorders, VHS and DVD players. The MPEG 4 Recorder also serves as a compact and stand-alone player that you can use to connect to your TV or pass-through your VCR to view videos on your TV.

Playback the images on your TV monitor or copy the files on the Compact Flash or SD cards to your computer via the USB cable. Your computer will recognize the player as another hard drive.

In additon you can save jpeg images and MP3 files to Compact Flash or SD cards.

Our MPEG-4 Recorder combines a digital video recorder, digital video player, photo viewer, audio player and card reader in a small device. It provides easy digital video (MPEG-4) recording from a DVD player, VCR, Camcorder or any other analog video device to a CompactFlash (CF) or SD card. Once you record to a CF or SD card you can then upload them to your hard drive via the USB cable and then burn them to CD or DVD.

The View functions allows you view your video or images on a TV. The Sound Player allows you to play MP3 files from your storage card.

The USB 2.0 technology allows you to download/upload files from PC.

The TV output function makes it easy to enjoy multimedia presentations without a computer; just connect the output of the recorder to your TV and play what you've saved on the CF or SD card.


- Dimensions are (L)118 x (W)87 x (H)18 mm; it is small enough to fit in your pocket.

- Video Recorder - Record video from video device (e.g. DVD player, vcr, etc.)

- Support 4 level video quality recording

- Video Player - Play video on TV - Pause/Rewind/Fast forward/Repeat/Volume control

- Audio MP3 Player - Enjoy MP3 music

- Image Brower - View Image photo on TV

- Support 90 degree x 4 rotation

- Slide show function

- Digital Zoom function

- Horizontal and Verticalmirror / inverse/ grayscale/ mono /edge /exposure/ spectrum support

- USB Card Reader - USB2.0 support

- DiskCopy from(to) CF to(from) SD

- NTSC and PAL system support

- TV/PC mode switchable

- Memory storage to CF and SD card; Support up to 1GB memory card.

- Easy to use remote control


- Video record - MPEG4 file format (xxx.ASF)

- 4 levels video quality recording

- Economic quality mode can record 182 minutes in 512 MB memory card

- Video player to Play MPEG4 video(xxx.ASF) output

- Photo output of JPEG file

- MP3 player to play MP3 audio file (32K/44.1K/48KHz)

- Video interface - One RCA composite video input and One RCA composite video output

- L/R RCA audio input

- L/R RCA audio output

- Storage: CF and SD card support

- Power: DC 5V input

- USB2.0 interface

System Requirements

- Compact Flash(CF) or Secure Digital (SD) memory card

- USB equipped computer (for Download/upload application)

- Microsoft Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP (for Download/upload application)

- Audio/video device with RCA input/output

Package Contents

- MPEG4 Recorder (MiniVCR)

- Remote control with battery

- RCA to mini-plug cables (x2)

- USB cable

- AC power adapter

Driver CD (for 98SE and ME). Win 2000 and XP does not require driver

- Manual