Click to enlargepadDVD to Coax TV Package:

This package is what you need to 

go from your DVD to your TV.

What you need to connect your stand-alone DVD player to a TV that only has a VHF/UHF 75-ohm F-connector ("coax antenna input"). If you have a computer with a DVD player and S-Video out, try our S-Video to Coax package.

The picture here is of our "Video/Audio RF Modulator" that is part of our DVD-Coax KIT that provides you with the "complete product" package and includes the following:

- Video RF Modulator with Stereo Audio Inputs. Note, the audio signal output is modulated to mono.

- 6 foot long coaxial cable with male "F" connectors. This cable goes from the modulator to the TV. The modulator has a coaxial input to plug in your antenna.

- 6 foot long Video and Audio Cables with "rca" plugs. The cables connect the yellow, red and white outputs from your DVD player to the yellow, red and white inputs of the modulator. If your audio source just has mono audio, then connect the mono audio to the modulator using either the audio left or right audio jacks.

- One Coax 2-to-1 switch.

It was really stupid for DVD manufacturers not to include a "coax-out" on DVDs, but then again, they're the same guys that want you to buy an expensive S-Video TV or another TV with RCA jacks. Well, when I offered to give one of our engineers an S-Video TV he said "I've got enough TVs, I don't need another @#%#@ TV!"

Works great with your PlayStation, Nintendo 64 or other devices that output composite video via the yellow RCA plug and you want to connect them to your Coaxial only TV.

Reason number 4902 of why our customers buy from us:

"The reason I'm buying it is because I need to hook up my DVD player to a coax TV and the radio shack here says it can't be done. What a bunch of goobs."

Goobs!? Love that word.

Note: If your laptop has a DVD player and you need to go from S-Video to Coaxial, then order the "S-Video to Coaxial" solution below.

Note: If you're trying to go from an RF coax antenna signal to a video and audio signal see our Demodulator.

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DVD to RF Coax TV
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S-Video to RF Coax TV
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