TVGuardian S-Video Cable

New & Improved S-Video interconnection cable for TVGuardian requires only one cable.

Exclusive interconnection cable for the TVGuardian provides a better and more economical solution for sending s-video than any other alternative in the market.


- S-Video plugs at each end.

- One of the s-video channels is separated and has RCA plugs that connect into the yellow RCA jacks (video input and output) of the TVGuardian.

- The other s-video channel that carries the color information on the s-video cable is not separated, thus assuring the best possible transfer of the color information.

The cable is available in 6 and 12 ft. lengths for the same price.

Note: The separation occurs at about half the length of the cable, so if your ordering the 6 ft. cable, you'll have 3 ft. to reach your components from the TVGuardian. The 12 ft. cable provides 6 ft. of interconnection to/from the the TVGuardian.

This sounds confusing, but it really makes connecting your TV Guardian to your S-Video input/outputs a lot simpler. The other option, of course, is to buy 2 of our S-Video to 2 RCA adapters and an RCA "barrel" coupler.

Order the special cable for the TVGuardian by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button. It's available in 6 or 12 ft. lengths for the same price. The default length is 12 ft.


TVGpadPrice $99.95padSale Price $68.95pad

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