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TVGuardian filters foul language from TV programs, cable TV, satelite TV, DVD and VHS tapes that have closed captioning.*

Our company is recipient of the Principle Solutions' "Golden Soap Award" in recognition for excellence in washing out the 'mouth' of the entertainment industry.

There are many programs that are suitable for children to watch but contain language that may be offensive. The TVGuardian effectively eliminates the foul language; it uses the closed captioning information that is transmitted and when the offensive language is detected the TVGuardian mutes the audio and displays the closed captioning without the offensive language. It has different foul language settings.

*Universal Studios does not use the same close captioning technique as the rest of the industry, so we suggest that you do not purchase their DVD or VHS offerings.

The TVGuardian package that we ship includes: the TVGuardian; power cord; 6 ft. audio and composite video cables; and instruction manual.

If you want to hook up the TVGuardian through the S-Video connections, purchase our exclusive TVG S-video cable below.

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