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Our S-Video (or composite video) to VGA converter allows you to get VGA quality from your S-Video or composite video sources. Composite video is commonly transmitted on cable with an RCA plug, usually coded yellow.

This product supports both VGA monitors and LCD Flat Panel monitors.

One unique adavantage of this converter is that once you select a video source, either PC or video, it will not change back to the other video source if the power goes out. Also, the unit does not require a PC to be connected in order to convert the s-video or composite video to VGA.

If your PC does not have an internal video card to display TV/DVD video, see what it's like to enjoy your games and DVDs on your PC's VGA monitor or on an LCD Display.

For instance, connect your X-Box to your VGA monitor and see what the souped-up nVIDIA chip can really do; you will never want to connect any game-console to your TV again! The graphics are "WAY BETTER". With this gadget you can put your X-Box inside a PC case with a built in screen!

The picture above shows an application diagram with the yellow converter box in the middle. We ship the converter box with a 3 ft. long monitor cable and the power supply. You will need to supply your S-Video or composite video cables or see our excellent prices for S-Video Cables.

By just pressing a button you can switch between your computer's display to watching movies or playing video games. Connect your Sat. Receiver, VCR, DVD, X-Box, PlayStation, Dreamcast, Nintendo, etc. and you'll see what you've been missing.

"And look Ma! No software required! It's plug and play!"

You'll also save space on your room/dorm/motorhome by displaying the video on your PC's monitor or LCD Monitor.

If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer monitor you'll love to have this gadget to switch to TV by just pressing a button. We liked this so much that we put another VGA monitor next to our PC monitor just for watching TV or playing video games while surfing.

Display any S-Video or composite video on a VGA monitor or LCD projector.

You do NOT need to have your computer "turned on" to use a VGA monitor or LCD display. The Video to VGA box has a VGA "pass-through" and you can use it alone or connected through your computer's VGA connector.


- Video Double Scan conversion

- Automatic detection of both NTSC and PAL video formats

- Two (2) video inputs:

--- S-Video input via standard s-video jack

--- Composite video input via a standard RCA jack

- Computer VGA signal pass-through. Select the VGA signal from your computer or the external video from your video devices.

- You do not have to connect/disconnect your computer's VGA monitor - all you have to do is select the signal to display on your VGA monitor.

- Can be used with or without a computer - just connect it to a VGA monitor.

- Full-screen resolution - you do not have to change the resolution settings on your computer.

Package includes 9V DC power supply; converter box; 3 foot cable that has a female DB9 (that connects to the VGA input on the box) to a male HD15 (that connects to the VGA output on your computer); an instructions manual.

This product meets FCC and CE.


- Play Video Games on a VGA monitor at higher resolution

- Display video from DVD player on a VGA monitor

- Display video from video camera on a VGA monitor

- Display video on a video projector

- Commercial or Home Security

- Multimedia presentations on a VGA monitor

- Use a notebook computer's S-Video out for dual VGA monitor presentations

Purchase our S-Video switch and use it to send two separate S-Video signals to your VGA monitor.

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