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"Video/Audio to USB Adapter". Capture video/audio and still images from your FlexCam or other Composite Video or S-Video devices using your USB port.

This Video/Audio to USB adapter also features composite video pass-through, so you can view the video on your computer through the USB port and also send the video to another TV or VCR.

NOTE: Our Video/Audio to USB adapter can also be used as a PC WebCam (see below) when connected to your video source, such as your TV, VCR or Video Camera!

Want to make digital images but don't want to buy a digital camera? Just plug your Camcorder, VCR or other video sources in your adapter and send the video to your computer via the USB port!

With our "Video/Audio to USB Adapter" you now have a simple way of capturing images via the USB port.

- No need to install a video capture card.

- Simply plug your "Video to USB Adapter" to your USB port, add the drivers, connect your video device (such as your FlexCam) and you're ready to capture images!

- The USB port powers the adapter.

- The USB port is the fastest way to capture images - leaves serial connections stuck in time.


- Any application where you want to input video using your USB port and capture images.

- Videoconferencing using Windows' Net Meeting.

For instance, capture still images from video sources such as your video camera, TV, VCR, Camcorder, Game Player or other analog video sources.

The package comes with the adapter, a CD with the drivers and PC/ MAC software.

To use your adapter as a WebCam you need to supply your own video source and to download a FREE version of WebCam SoftWare.

Compatible with Win 98, Win 2000, Win ME, XP, iMac and Mac OS 8.1 or higher.

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Video/Audio to USB
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Video Capture Card
padVideo Capture Card
Image of Watch captured with the Video to USB Adapter
padImage of Watch captured with the Video to USB Adapter
S-Video+Audio over Cat 5 with S-Video Cable
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S-Video+Audio over Cat 5 with S-Video Cable
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