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Eliminate costly coaxial cable with our Coax to RJ45 Balun. With this Coax to RJ45 Balun you can use Cat 5 cables instead.

VideoEase CATV Balun allows traditional 75-ohm coaxial cable to be replaced by one-pair Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) in the CATV, VHF and FM environments in certain applications.

Used in pairs, the CATV Balun allows broadband CATV equipment to be integrated into structured cabling systems thereby allowing CATV equipment to be moved or added to any convenient modular wall outlet.


- Male F connector on one end.

- Female RJ45 connector on the other end.

- 330 ft. (100m) maximum distance via Cat 5 UTP depending on frequency.

You will be able to receive CATV channels via Cat5, providing the input signal level is strong enough. Sometimes the CATV service provider installs an amplifier to boost the signal.

The highest CATV channel supported by the CATV Balun (500006) is CATV channel 77.

The CATV Baluns are passive and work in pairs. They allow RG6 coax cable to be replaced by Cat5 twisted pair. They do not alter the signal in any way.

If the baluns are installed and some channels are snowy, it indicates that an amplifier is needed. These are readily available.

Remember that two are required.

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CATV Video Balun
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