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Exclusive Pro S-Video+Audio allows you to connect your desktop or laptop computer's S-Video-out and stereo audio to your non-s-video TV. These adapters are compatible with both s-video 4-pin and 7-pin receptacles and are bi-directional; you can also use them to connect your VCR or other non-svideo devices to your s-video devices.

We manufacture these cables and do not sell them through distributors or dealers. Beware of copies that only provide you a black/white signal.

Scroll down to see all of our exclusive 7-pin and 4-pin adapters for s-video or composite video televisions.

The audio and video cables are joined "siamse style" and can separated as much as you want. If your TV only has a single RCA jack for audio, then just add our "2 RCA jacks to 1 RCA plug" below.

Shipping charges in the USA: FREE via First Class Air Mail that takes 4 to 5 days; Priority Mail starts at $4.75 and takes 2 to 3 days; International shipping charges start at $6.00 via Global Priority Mail by the US Postal Service or FREE via First Class Air Mail.

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Pro S-Video + Audio to 3 RCA, 6 ft.
PRO-SV3RCA-6 ft.padPrice $26.95padSale Price $22.95pad

2 RCA Jacks to 1 RCA Plug
pad2 RCA Jacks to 1 RCA Plug
2 RCA Jacks to 1 RCA Plug
2FRCA-1MRCApadPrice $2.25padSale Price $1.95pad
S-Video to 3 RCA
padS-Video to 3 RCA
S-Video to 3 RCA
S-Video to Non-S-Video
padS-Video to Non-S-Video
S-Video to Non-S-Video
SV-NSVpadPrice $26.95padSale Price $22.95padLength: 
S-Video to Scart
padS-Video to Scart
S-Video to Scart
pad7 Pin for Composite Video and Stereo Audio
7 Pin for Composite Video and Stereo Audio
7-PIN-3-RCApadPrice $29.95padSale Price $26.95padLength: 
pad7 Pin for S-Video and Stereo Audio
7 Pin for S-Video and Stereo Audio
7-PIN-TO-SV+SApadPrice $33.95padSale Price $28.95padLength: 
pad7 -Pin for S-Video/Composite Video & Stereo Audio
7 -Pin for S-Video/Composite Video & Stereo Audio
7-PIN-SV/CV+SApadPrice $35.95padSale Price $31.95padLength: 
padS-Video to RCA Compatibility
padHow to connect the S-Video out of your computer to your TV

Our "Pro" version uses our exclusive trimese cable made in Japan. Our trimese cable is unsurpassed in quality, flexibility and price. Scroll down to read about this unique adapter.

If you have an S-Video TV, then consider our separate s-video cables and audio cables.

Available in 6, 12, and 24 ft.

Shipping charges in the USA: FREE via First Class Air Mail or 4.75 for Priority Mail; $5.00 (aprox.) by UPS Ground; $15.00 (aprox.) for UPS 2nd Day. International shipping charges: $6.00 via Global Priority Mail by the USPS.

Our Exclusive Gold "Pro S-Video to 3 RCA" (aka Pro S-Video + Audio to TV) adapter designed for those customers that want the best in "S-Video to RCA" conversion with stereo audio on a single, portable, flexible cable.

This is by far the best cable to have for connecting your desktop's or laptop's S-Video TV/out. The picture illustrates the flexibility of the cable; the small diameter; and the "flat" appearance resulting in a cable that easily fits in your laptop bag, even the 24 ft. version. In addition, the cable can be easily separated to reach the S-Video and headphone jacks of your laptop or desktop.

Our exclusive triple 75 ohm video cable is made in Japan - it's the same cable that we use on our hi-end s-video and component video cables.

Our adapters have an exclusive key that fits both the 7-pin or 4-pin jacks of laptops and DVDs and thus allows you to pass on the color information. Our adapters are also compatible with standard S-Video/SVHS 4-pin mini DIN jacks. These adapters are also compatible with NTSC and PAL video formats.

Consider purchasing an S-Video cable with this "Pro" cable if you have access to a TV that has an S-Video input.

The "Pro S-Video/Audio to 3 RCA" is a unique adapter that allows you to connect the S-Video out of your computer to a regular TV. Our "point-to-point" solution eliminates the signal loss caused by couplings.

Applications include:

- Use the "S-Video to TV" connection of your laptop to view DVDs on a regular TV. Since watching DVD's on your laptop's 15" screen is, well...loads of fun for about 5 minutes, enjoy watching them on a regular TV now!

- When travelling use your laptop aa a portable DVD player using the hotel's TV.

- Use the S-Video-out of you PCs graphic card to view your games on the big screen.

- Make your sales-pitch or classroom presentations on a regular TV instead of having everyone breath down your neck to see your puny laptop screen. Ok, what's your option, continue to buy mints for everyone?

- Make your PowerPoint presentations on a regular TV and save thousands of dollars since you do not need to lug around a projector.

French: Cable adaptateur s-video/composite de sortie de television

German: Gemischtadriges TV-Ausgangsadapterkabel

Italian: Cavo adattatore uscita TV s-video/composito

Spanish: Cable adaptador de S-Video a video composito

Advantages of this adapter:

- Provides a single, tangle-free cable solution that performs better than anything else due to the quality of our exclusive triple 75 ohm super-flexible cable and construction.

- Provides a "straight-shot" solution since there's no couplings to be made, thus providing the best video and audio signals.

- Extremely portable, it's light weight and super flexible.

The picture above shows all of the connectors and the cable. The 3.5mm stereo plug is on top, then the male S-Video plug. On the other end of the cable (pointing up on the picture) are the 3 RCA plugs for video and stereo audio. The 3 RCA plugs are pointing to the "trimese" cable - our exclusive, super flexible, triple 75 ohm cable for professional video and audio applications. Click on the picture to see a close-up of the adapter.


- Special Dielectric for excellent performance.

- Multi-strand OFC copper conductors.

- Fully shielded coaxial cable.

- Exclusive Triple 75 ohm super flexible coaxial cables construction.

- Lowest attenuation - nobody else makes a better cable.

- S-Video to RCA video adapter with embedded technology to keep the color signal.

- 3.5mm (1/8") stereo audio to 2 RCA plugs.

- Highest quality, UL approved video/audio cable.

- Gold plated connectors for better signal transmission and corrossion resistance.

- Color coded connectors.

- Super flexible and light weight cable.

- PC & Mac compatible.

- Invented in Riverton, Wyoming, USA. There's nothing out there that even compares.

This adapter features a male S-Video and a 3.5mm stereo audio plug on one end and three RCA plugs on the other end for composite video and stereo audio.

The three super-flexible 75 ohm cables are joined together and the connectors are separated about two inches on each end; they can be easily separated further to reach the video and audio jacks of your laptop or other equipment. Do not be fooled by thicker cables whose additional plastic shielding is totally useless.