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Our Sun Video Cable 13W3-MM-50

Sun Video Cable 13W3-MM-50. Also known as part EVMVDT02-0050-MM.

This is a male-to-male, 50 ft. cable. The picture shows the male connector on the ends of the cable. Click on the picture for a larger image.


Coax Components:

- Capacitance: 65.6 f/m, 10 to 300 khz

- Impedance 75 ohms resistance (maximum) 110 ohms/1000 ft.

- Velocity of propagation (minimum) 72%

Twisted-pair Components:

- Capacitance 91.8 pf/m

- Resistance (maximum) 72 ohms/1000 ft.

Sun Video Cable 13W3-50 ft.
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