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Exclusive S-Video and Stereo Audio to Composite Video and Stereo Audio cable.

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This converter cable features a male S-Video connector and two male RCA connectors (for stereo audio) on one end and three male RCA connectors on the other end (for composite video and stereo audio).

Included with this cable is a short adapter that has two female RCA jacks going to a male 3.5mm (1/8") plug that allows you to connect the audio to your headphone jack.

The s-video cable on this adapter is also an exclusive design that fits both the 4-pin and 7-pin receptacles on computers.

We use our exclusive Trimese (tm) cable that provides you with an extremely flexible cable and ultra-compact design.

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S-Video+Stereo Audio to 3 RCA, 12 ft.
padS-Video+Stereo Audio to 3 RCA, 12 ft.
S-Video+Stereo Audio to 3 RCA, 24 ft.
padS-Video+Stereo Audio to 3 RCA, 24 ft.
"S-Video to 3 RCA"
pad"S-Video to 3 RCA"
S-Video Products
padS-Video Products

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