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Hi Speed USB 2.0 Certified Cables at a great price.

Our USB 2.0 cables are also 1.X compatible. Available in beige or black and 6 ft. and 10 ft.

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USB 2.0 Cable, AB, 6 ft.
padUSB 2.0 Cable, AB, 6 ft.
USB 2.0 Cable, AB, 6 ft.
USB2-AB-6padRetail Price $'s Sale Price $1.48, 10_for_$11.00padColor: 
USB 2.0 Cable, AB, 10 ft.
padUSB 2.0 Cable, AB, 10 ft.
USB 2.0 Cable, AB, 10 ft.
USB2-AB-10padRetail Price $'s Sale Price $2.98, 10_for_$25.00padColor: 
Video/Audio to USB
padVideo/Audio to USB
Video/Audio to USB
910-171-318padTell a Friend Price $125.00padTell a Friend Sale Price $99.00pad
USB over Cat 5
padUSB over Cat 5
USB over Cat 5

We are pleased to offer Hi-Speed USB certified cable assemblies. Hi-Speed certification is governed by strict compliance requirements established by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). In addition, our USB 2.0 certified cable assemblies were approved by a USB-IF authorized laboratory. Hi-Speed USB cable assemblies boast speeds of up to 480 MB/sec and are fully backward-compatible allowing it to work with any USB system or device.

What is Hi-Speed USB?
USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a standard interface included on all new PCs and is the interface of choice for most PC peripherals due to its high data transfer rate and flexible design. The new Hi-Speed USB (also known as USB 2.0) boasts data transfer speeds of 480 MB/sec -- up to 40 times faster than standard USB (also known as USB 1.1) at 12 MB/sec.

What are Hi-Speed USB Certified Cables?
In order for a USB cable to be 2.0 Certified, it must be tested by an approved independent lab and meet the strict compliance requirements established by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). The authorized labs assign a TID (test id) number to a cable assembly that meets all of the electrical and mechanical criteria defined in the Cable Assembly Test Matrix. This means that you can have very high confidence that the cable assembly will perform well with both Original and Hi-Speed USB systems, hubs, and peripheral. These cables have achieved the endorsement of full Hi-Speed USB Compliance and Certification.

Technical Specifications (c)

Length: Available in 6 ft. 10 ft.
Jacket: PVC Material, black or beige. Other colors available
UL Style: UL2725
UL File Number: E101344
Conductors: Tinned Copper
Data Lines: 28 AWG (7/0.127) * 1 Pair
Power Pair: 24 AWG or 20 AWG (7/0.20) * 2 Conductor
Signaling: Up to 480 MB/sec
Shield: 65% Braided Minimum
Type: A and B Plugs
Terminal: Brass, Gold Plated 30u” or GF
Shell: Nickel plated
Hood: Molded, PVC, Any color, the version we ship is black or beige; you select the color.
Voltage Rating: 300V/AC
Insulation Resistance: 50M ohm MIN
Conductor Resistance: 2 ohm MAX at 3.5 meters (data)
Assembly Certification
USB 2.0 Certification TID: 60000744